Welcome to "Beneath the Ancient Halls"!

BtAH is a digital compilation of the most unique legends of secret architectural features from all over the UK. It is presented and run by professors and students from the University of Edinburgh's Anthropology PhD program in collaboration with UE's Post-graduate History department. Each legend and fable you see here focuses on false doors, secret passageways, marauders caves, or other such elements as they relate to castles throughout the UK. 

Those that are confirmed as mostly true are marked as such.

Those determined to be lore (popular legend from the region surrounding the location that have no bearing in actual fact) are also marked.

Craig MacQuillian

My father Craig, with his favorite pigeon keeping his head company. (His favorite photo of himself)

Craig began his work compiling and categorizing folklore of the UK before I was born when he helped found the "Edinburgh University Anthropological Records Endeavor" in 1965. At 91 years old, he's not hiking the highland ruins to confirm authenticity any more, but he is still a well of knowledge for me as I continue on his work. 


Royal Society of Historians - "Major Collection of Folklore" Award 1987, 1995.

Edinburgh University "MacDouglas Award for Excellence in Academic Research", 1990.

 United Kingdom Natural History Museums Organization - "Lifetime Achievement" Award, 2005.






Edgar MacQuillian

Me, dressed in my traditional (albeit a bit loud) Scottish Tam and dress for a reenactment in 2007.

As a fellow at Edinburgh University, I followed in my father's footsteps to helm the "Edinburgh University Anthropological Records Endeavor" before moving on to a professorship in Anthropology. I maintain this website as a hobby and occasionally hand it over to master's students for extra points. If you enjoy it, please feel free to e-mail us your compliment and I'll be sure to show my students!


University of Edinburgh Masters Students 

The most recent group of Anthropology Masters Students who help out with the site from time to time.

We're always open to handing out a few extra credit points to those endeavoring Masters Students who take a shine to the project. This particular group took it apon themselves to personally travel to and compile over 111 different legends from all over Scotland for the EUARE.

Eventually, those will make their way onto the site, complete with pictures and all!